Off piste - Chamonix

This popular off-piste mecca has earned its rightful reputation amongst skiers worldwide as the most adventurous resort in the Alps.

Chamonix boasts four major lift-served ski areas which have recently undergone renovations. And with the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Unlimited ski pass, you have access to three countries with one pass, as Courmayeur and Verbier are included. In Chamonix itself, Les Grands Montets is the king of off-piste venues, with access to the most number of lines and most aspects, allowing for great days on and off glaciated terrain.

At Le Tour/Vallorcine we can ski through trees and into Switzerland, from L’Aiguille du Midi lift we can access the Vallée Blanche. From Le Brévent/La Flégère we can access the Aiguilles Rouges and some great powder early season.

With the Funivie Monte Bianco, access from the Italian side has never been easier. If the weather is no good on the north side, a quick trip through the tunnel will take us into sunny Italy and the powder around Courmayeur.

Going off-piste without a Guide? Book here for an Avalanche Awareness and Training Course with Ibex Mountain Guides.

When can I ski off-piste around Chamonix?

Off-piste skiing will be possible as soon as there is snow cover deep enough to make the skiing safe and enjoyable. If you go too early, there will be rocks around and it can be pretty icy, so it’s best to find out about conditions. The lifts open for Christmas, and this tends to suggest better off-piste conditions.

How difficult is it to ski off-piste?

Skiing off-piste is a skill that has to be developed and, even though being a good piste skier will stand you in good stead, most folk benefit from some off-piste lessons with a dedicated instructor. Going off-piste means being aware of avalanches as well, something which Ibex Mountain Guides can easily train you in.

How good a skier do I need to be?

Your skiing needs to be in control, so you can stop on demand. This generally means you’re a strong red piste skier and you have had some off-piste lessons. In glaciated terrain, we will travel close to crevasses, so skiing conservatively is essential.

What equipment do I need?

You can come along with your off-piste skis and boots, or snowboard, though if you have ski touring kit then all the better. On glaciated terrain, we wear harnesses and the guide carries a rope. Goggles. The use of a helmet is recommended. If you have your own avalanche kit: transceiver-shovel-probe (or TSP), please bring it along with you. If possible, bring along a small rucksack with food and drink, as well as a spare layer and headtorch. Don’t forget your camera/smartphone! Ibex Mountain Guides can provide the equipment in italics.

How much?

For a guided trip with Ibex Mountain Guides, our daily rate is £340 on a 1:1 basis plus £20 per extra person. On a trip with a maximum ratio of 1:6, the daily rate is £440. This fee is for guiding services and safety equipment. Ibex Mountain Guides can provide transceiver-shovel-probe for up to 6 people free of charge.